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Marc S. Abel, PhD

Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacy
Building: HSB
Room: 2.634
Phone: 847-578-3236847-578-3236
Email: Marc.Abel@rosalindfranklin.edu

Recent Publications


The Influence Of A Clinical Decision Support System On Diagnostic Reasoning During Simulated Encounters. J. Carlson, B. Eulenberg, T. Anzur, D. Bridges, M. Abel, and J. Tomkowiak. Simulation in Healthcare, 5(3): 185-186, 2010.

The Impact of a Diagnostic Reminder System on Student Clinical Reasoning During Simulated Case Studies. J. Carlson, M. Abel, D. Bridges, J. Tomkowiak, Simulation in Healthcare 5(5), 2010.

Service Learning in Interprofessional Education: A Case Study. D.R. Bridges, M.S. Abel, J. Carlson, J. Tomkowiak. Journal of Physical Therapy Education 24(1):44-50, 2010.

Noradrenergic antagonism of the P13 and N40 components of the rat auditory evoked potential. S.K. Keedy, M. Marlow-O’conner, B. Beenken, J. Dorflinger, M. Abel, and R.J. Erwin. Psychopharmacology 190(1):117-125, 2007.

Science and Music; Music and Science; The Science of Music; The Music of Science Héctor Rasgado-Flores, Marc S. Abel, Maria Cristina Galvez Correa, Cecilia Peña-Rasgado and Victor Rasgado. The Physiologist Vol. 49, No. 1, 2006.

Up-regulation of GABAB Receptor mRNA and Protein in the Hippocampus of Cocaine- and Lidocaine-Kindled Rats. J. Li, M.S. Dassow and M.S. Abel. Neuroscience. 118(2):451-62, 2003.

GABAB Receptor Gene Expression is not Altered in Cocaine-Sensitized Rats. J. Li, A.B. Olinger, M. S. Dassow, M.S. Abel, J. Neurosci Res. 68:241-247, 2002.

GABA-transaminase antisense oligonucleotide modulates cocaine- and pentylenetetrazol-induced seizures in mice. M.S. Abel and N. Kohli. Met. Brain Dis. 14(4):253-263, 1999.


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Professions Education. W. Rheault, J. Stoecker, S. Tappert, K. Michael Welch, Eds. In preparation. 2010 (2011).

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