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Marjorie A. Ariano, PhD

Professor Emeritus in Neuroscience
Chicago Medical School


Ariano, MA, Grissell AE, Littlejohn FC, Buchanan TM, Elsworth JD, Collier TJ, and Steece-Collier K (2005) Partial dopamine loss enhances activated caspase- 3 activity: differential outcomes in striatal projection neurons. Journal of Neuroscience Research 82:387-396.

Hernandez-Echeagaray E, Cepeda C, Ariano MA, Lobo MK, Sibley DR, and Levine MS, (2007) Dopamine reduction of GABA currents in striatal medium-spiny neurons is mediated by the D1 receptor subtype.  Neurochem Res, 32:229-240.

Rex EB, Rankin ML, Ariano MA, and Sibley DR (2008) Ethanol regulation of D1 dopamine receptor signaling is mediated by protein kinase C in an isozyme-specific fashion.  Neuropsychopharm, 33:2900-2911.

Kim OJ, Ariano MA, Namkung Y, Marinec P, Kim E, Han J, Sibley DR (2008) D2 dopamine receptor expression and trafficking is regulated through direct interactions with ZIP.  J Neurochem, 106:83-95.

Skinbjerg M, Ariano MA, Thorsell A, Heilig M, Halldin C, Innis RB, Sibley DR (2009) Arrestin3 Mediates D2 Dopamine Receptor Internalization.  Synapse, 63:621-624.

West AR, Sammut S, and Ariano MA (2008) Striatal second messenger signaling changes in partial DA depletion models of Parkinson's Disease.  Cortico-subcortical Dynamics in Parkinson's Disease (K-Y Tseng Ed), Humana Press. Pp. 171-184. 

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