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Diane R. Bridges, PhD, MSN, RN, CCM

Associate Dean for Interprofessional and Distance Education 
Medical Education, Innovation and Humanities
Associate Professor
Chicago Medical School
Associate Professor, College of Health Professions 
Building: RWCLC, Room 1.093
Phone: 847.578.8479
Fax: 847.578.3343

Publications / Posters


  • Carlson J, Min E, Bridges D. The impact of leadership and team behavior on standard of care delivered during human patient simulation: A pilot study for undergraduate medical students. Teaching and Learning in Medicine: An International Journal. Jan-Mar 2009; 21(1):24-32.
  • Bridges D, Carlson J, Abel M, Tomkowiak J. Service Learning in Interprofessional Education: A Case Study. Journal of Physical Therapy Education. Winter Issue 2010; 24(1):44-50.
  • Bridges D, Tomkowiak J. Allport's Intergroup Contact Theory as a Theoretical Base for Impacting Student Attitudes in Interprofessional Education. Journal of Allied Health. 2010 Spring; 39(1):e29-33.
  • Carlson J, Abel M, Bridges D, Tomkowiak J. The impact of a diagnostic reminder system on student clinical reasoning during simulated case studies. Simulation in Healthcare. 2010 Fall; 5(3):1-7.
  • Rheault W, Stoecker J, Tappert S, Bridges D. Model Programs - Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. Journal of Allied Health [Online-Special Issue]. 2010 Fall; 39(3)/Pt 2: E127-129.
  • Bridges D, Davidson R, Soule Odegard P, Maki, I, Tomkowiak, J. Interprofessional Collaboration: Three Best Practice Models of Interprofessional Education. Medical Education [Online], 2011, 16:6035.
  • Bridges D, Allen S, Tappert S. Interprofessional Model of Prevention Education. Health People 2020 and Education for Health: Successful Practices for Clinical Health Professions. Fall 2010. APTR Website.

Poster Presentations

ASAPH = The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions

AUPHA = Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions

  • Carlson J, Bridges D, Min E. Simulation Technology in Medical Education. Presented at: Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine on Oct. 13 2006; The 7th International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare on January 2007; and the American Academy of Physician Assistants on May 2007.
  • Bridges D. A Portfolio Evaluation as a Capstone Experience for Students in an Online Interprofessional Masters Degree Program. Present at: ASAHP; October 2006.
  • Bridges D. Healthcare Management as 2nd Degree the Impact of Choosing an Interprofessional Second Degree. A Masters in Healthcare Management, on professional Career Goals. Present at: ASAHP; October 2006.
  • Carlson J, Bridges D, Min E. Leadership Team Behavior - Healthcare Teams: Leadership Style, Performance and Patient Outcomes. Presented at: ASAHP; October 2006.
  • Bridges D. Instructional Online Teaching Design to Meet Student's Individual Learning Styles: Healthcare Management Ethics-A Course in Point. Presented at: ASAHP; October 2007.
  • Tappert S, Bridges D, Bilyk H. "Interprofessional Prevention Education Service Project Pilot" Presented at: The Association for Prevention Teaching and Research; February 2008.
  • Bridges D, Gierman-Riblon C. Student Self Assessment and Employer Assessment of Outcomes and Performance in a Dual Degree Healthcare Administration and Management Masters of Science Program. Presented at: ASAHP; October 2008.
  • Gierman-Riblon C, Bridges D. Empowering Students for Change: Teaching the Impact of Cultural Diversity on the Management of Healthcare Services. Presented at: AUPHA; June 2009.
  • Bridges D, Abel M, Carlson J, Tomkowiak J. Service Learning in Interprofessional Education: A Case Study. Presented at: ASAHP; October 2009.
  • Sarda G, Shankar S, Halimi S, Bridges D. Student initiated and run 4th year medical school elective in Healthcare Administration and Management. Presented at: OSR Nov. 4, 2011. Posted on American Medical Association of Colleges ICollaborative. IC 252/.