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Arthur Cantos, Ph.D.

Director of Clinical Training and Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
College of Health Professions
Room 2.668
Building: HSB
Phone: 847.578.8750
Fax: 847.578.8765


Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Cantos will not be considering student applications for the 2015/2016 academic year. 

Dr. Arthur Cantos is the Director of Clinical Training and Associate Professor. He holds a Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and also has advanced degrees and diplomas from Middlesex Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, University of London, England and the University of Valencia, Spain. He most recently completed The White Hart Clinical Psychology Management Development and Leadership Course in England. He is bilingual and bicultural. He has over 25 years of experience in practice and academia and is licensed to practice clinical psychology in the states of Illinois and New York, as well as in the United Kingdom. Following completion of his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, he completed a post-doctoral fellowship in intimate partner violence. Over the past 27 years he has done extensive work in all aspects of the family violence area, having worked in a child abuse clinic at the Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical Center in New York and in foster care at St. Christopher Ottilie Services for Children and Families in Long Island, New York for many years. He also worked for Suffolk County Division of Community Mental Hygiene with those with severe and persistent mentally illness and with a forensic population. In addition, he ran a court mandated treatment program for perpetrators of intimate partner violence in both English and Spanish. He volunteered to help counsel 9/11 victims during the immediate aftermath of the attacks. He also completed diagnostic evaluations with court placed adolescents for approximately 10 years. He has substantial experience with cognitive behavioral treatment of affective and anxiety disorders including exposure and response prevention programs in obsessive compulsive disorder.

Dr. Cantos has practiced clinical psychology in different countries and was the Director of Mental Health Services in Gibraltar. In Gibraltar, he steered a team of practitioners to develop a mental health strategy and also developed a successful primary care psychology and counseling service for the citizens of Gibraltar. He has made presentations at international meetings in several countries including a workshop on the assessment and treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder at the World Congress of Behavior Therapy held in Acapulco in 1998 and a more recent presentation on the treatment of intimate partner violence at a meeting held at La Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain in 2011. He has held workshops in different countries and in Spanish universities such as La Universidad Complutense in Madrid, La Universidad de Granada and La Universidad de Huelva.

His research is in the area of domestic violence and he has published work in child abuse, foster care, and intimate partner violence. He is currently completing an outcome evaluation of programs for male perpetrators of intimate partner violence for Lake County Department of Probation. He is responsible for the clinical training of all students in the RFUMS doctoral program in clinical psychology and teaches the clinical fundamentals course.

He also oversees the Healthy Families Clinic, an outpatient mental health training clinic serving underserved/uninsured clients in Lake County, Illinois. This clinic provides an interdisciplinary experience for our students working alongside the Physician Assistant program and other medical professionals. He also consults with the Division of Children and Family Services in Illinois.