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Evan S. Hill, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor
Chicago Medical School
Room 3.217A (office) 3.215C (lab)
Building: BSB
Phone: 847.578.8632
Fax: 847.578.3253

Publication list

Book Chapters:

Hill ES, Bruno AM, Vasireddi SK and Frost WN (2012)  ICA applied to VSD imaging of invertebrate neuronal networks.  In Independent Component Analysis for Audio and Biosignal Applications,  ed. Ganesh Naik, Intech – Open Access Publishers.

Frost WN, Wang J, Brandon CJ, Moore-Kochlacs C, Sejnowski TJ and Hill ES (2010) Use of fast-responding voltage-sensitive dyes for large-scale recording of neuronal spiking activity with single-cell resolution. In Membrane Potential Imaging in the Nervous System: Methods and Applications, eds. Zecevic and Canepari, Springer Press. Chapter 5: 53-60. 

Peer-reviewed Articles:

Hill ES, Bruno AM and Frost WM (2014)  Recent developments in VSD imaging of small neuronal networks.  Learning and Memory 21: 499-505.

Hill ES, Vasireddi SK, Bruno AM, Wang J and Frost WN (2012) Variable neuronal participation in stereotypic motor programs.  PLoS One 7(7): e40579.  Faculty of 1000 recommended article.

Hill ES, Moore-Kochlacs C, Vasireddi S, Sejnowski TJ and Frost WN (2010) Validation of Independent Component Analysis for rapid spike sorting of optical recording data.  J. Neurophysiol 104: 3721-3731.

Iwano M, Hill ES, Mori A, Mishima T, Mishima T, Ito K and Kanzaki R (2010) Neurons associated with the flip-flop activity in the lateral accessory lobe and ventral protocerebrum of the silkworm moth brain. J Comp Neurol 518: 366-388.

Hill ES, Sakurai A and Katz PS (2008) Transient enhancement of spike-evoked calcium signaling by a serotonergic interneuron.  J. Neurophysiol 100: 2919-2928.

Hill ES and Katz PS (2007) Role of membrane potential in calcium signaling during rhythmic bursting in Tritonia swim interneurons.  J. Neurophysiol. 97: 2204-2214.

Hill ES, Okada K and Kanzaki R (2003) Visualization of modulatory effects of serotonin in the silkmoth antennal lobe.  J. Exp. Biol. 206: 345-352.

Hill ES, Iwano M, Gatellier L and Kanzaki R (2002) Morphology and physiology of the serotonin-immunoreactive putative antennal lobe feedback neuron in the male silkmoth Bombyx moriChem. Senses 27: 475-483.

Hill ES and Blagburn JM (2001) Presynaptic effects of biogenic amines modulating synaptic transmission between identified sensory neurons and giant interneurons in the first instar cockroach.  J. Comp. Physiol. A 187: 633-645.

Hill ES, Latalladi G and Kuffler DP (1999) Dissociated adult Rana pipiens motoneuron growth cones turn up concentration gradients of denervated peripheral nerve-released factors. Neurosci. Lett. 277(2): 87-90.

Hill ES and Blagburn JM (1998) Indirect synaptic inputs from filiform hair sensory neurons contribute to the receptive fields of giant interneurons in the first-instar cockroach.  J. Comp. Physiol. A 183: 467-476.

Ai H, Okada K, Hill ES and Kanzaki R (1998) Spatio-temporal activities in the antennal lobe analyzed by an optical recording method in the male silkworm moth Bombyx moriNeurosci. Lett. 258(3): 135-138.

In Preparation:

Hill ES, Vasireddi SK , Bruno AM, Wang J and Frost WN.  Large-scale imaging reveals network reorganization accompanying the rise and fall of a short-term memory  Target:  Neuron.

Hill ES, Wang J, Maruyama D, Zochowski M and Frost WN.  VSD imaging and cluster analysis reveal a novel population of putative multifunctional neurons.   Target: J Neurophysiol.   

Chakroborty S, Hill ES, Frost WN and Stutzmann GE.  Early deficits in synaptic, cellular and network-level hippocampal CA1 function in presymptomatic Alzheimer’s disease mice.  Target:  J Neurosci.

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