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P. Rea Katz, PhD, PA-C

Department of Physician Assistant Studies
Assistant Professor
Room 1.270
Building: BSB
Phone: 847.578.8496

Dr. Katz has been a practicing physician assistant for over 35 years and has worked in physician assistant education since 2000. She earned her BA in cultural anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a couple years later graduate from the Johns Hopkins University Health Associate (i.e. physician assistant) Program with a BS degree. In 1988 Dr. Katz earned a MS degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a concentration in medical anthropology. In May of 2011 she completed her dissertation entitled, Becoming Culturally Competent: Clinical Service Learning in Physician Assistant Education, receiving a PhD from the Marquette University's (Milwaukee, WI) School of Education.

As a physician assistant, Dr. Katz has worked in family practice, women's health, neurology, emergency medicine, and pediatrics. She joined the RFUMS Physician Assistant faculty in 2005, and in 2013 was appointed the Director of Faculty Development for the University, now Associate Vice President for Faculty Development. For 9 years Dr. Katz coordinated Health Families Clinic’s pediatric service, a student-centered, free clinic now located at the RUHS clinic in North Chicago. She presently is the Coordinator for the Master’s Project and Student Research in the Physician Assistant Program. Dr. Katz’s interest in curriculum design is reflected in the courses she has developed and taught, including: Cultural Competence in Health Care, Pediatrics, Population Medicine, and Emergency Medicine, and in the expansion of faculty development programming and resources to support educational expertise within the RFUMS faculty. Dr. Katz teaches online courses including Classroom Assessment and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom, CHP’s Health Profession Education program. Her involvement in the Interprofessional Healthcare Studies (IPHS) Doctoral Program includes teaching the Introduction to Doctoral Studies and an appointment as Interim Director during 2015.

Dr. Katz has witnessed many changes in the delivery of health care and in physician assistant education over the past 4 decades; and believes that all people have a right to high quality medical services from compassionate and culturally and medically competent clinicians. In addition she takes a global view of health care having had the opportunity to work in clinics in Belize and Guatemala. Dr. Katz is a proponent of interprofessional education that prepares health care professional students to work respectfully and effectively together to provide patient-centered, evidence-based health care.