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            Filomena Rauschert, PT, DPT

                                Director of Clinical Education
                                Department of Physical Therapy
                                Room 1.676
                                Phone: 847.578.8696
                                Fax: 847.578.8816

Dr. Rauschert received her Bachelors in Physical Therapy from Finch University of Health Sciences, and her transitional DPT with an emphasis on education from RFUMS. Her primary focus of practice has been Orthopedics, with clinical experience including Work Conditioning, Work Hardening, Functional Capacity Assessments, Aquatics, Hand Therapy, and Community Outreach Programs. She has had the opportunity to assist with biomechanical research of collegiate gymnasts utilizing high speed filming, as well as educate athletes regarding injury prevention. She has lectured in a variety of settings on topics including Ethical Decision Making, Fibromyalgia, Posture, as well as Psychological Training for the Athlete. Dr. Rauschert has a passion for working closely with students in the clinical setting, and has had the pleasure during her lengthy years of clinical practice. She is certified by the American Physical Therapy Association as a Credentialed Clinical Instructor. She continues to practice in the outpatient orthopedic setting.
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