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D. Eric Walters, PhD

Associate Dean for Research
Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacy
Building: IPEC
Room: 2.608
Phone: 847-578-8613
Email: Eric.Walters@rosalindfranklin.edu
D. Eric Walters, PhD, joined the College of Pharmacy Faculty Leadership Team in 2009 and was appointed Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2010. He is also Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Chicago Medical School. Dr. Walters received a B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin in 1974 and a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry in 1978. Following postdoctoral studies in the Chemistry Department at Indiana University, he carried out research in the food and pharmaceutical industries for 12 years. He joined the faculty of the Chicago Medical School in 1991. He has served as Principal Senator of the University Faculty Senate and is currently the chair of the University Faculty Affairs Committee. He has been Course Director for the Molecular Cell Biology course for the past 10 years and has taught in the Medical Biochemistry course. In the Graduate School, he developed and teaches two courses: Computer Applications in Biomedical Research, and The Art of Scientific Presentation. Dr. Walters also participates in the Interprofessional Health Care Teams and Culture in Health Care courses. His research program is focused on computer modeling of proteins and computer aided drug design. He collaborates with Prof. Arun Ghosh at Purdue University on the development of HIV protease inhibitors, and participated in the discovery of darunavir (Prezista®). He also collaborates with other investigators in the study of citrate transporters, potassium channels, and amino acid transporters. He has co-authored three books and over 90 scientific papers, holds two patents, and has given over 100 research presentations and invited lectures.
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