The Master Teacher Guild

Mission Statement: The Rosalind Franklin University Master Teacher Guild (the Guild) is an academy dedicated to excellence and innovation in teaching. The members of the Guild will use their collective talents to enhance the educational programs throughout the University, its affiliated hospitals, associated Health System and community based teaching sites. Further, the Guild will promote and mentor the professional development of teaching excellence within the faculty.

Vision Statement: The Master Teacher Guild will be the nucleus for teaching excellence and innovation at RFUMS to benefit the University community in concert with the University mission to serve, educate, and discover knowledge. The Guild will serve as stewards to the University mission to be a premier interprofessional health sciences university that advances academic excellence.

 Master Teachers

Front Row:  Drs. Michael Fennewald, John Becker, Marc Abel
Back Row: Drs. Timothy Hansen (Adviser), Daniel Bareither, Roberta Henderson, Hector Rasgado-Flores, Lecia Apantaku, and Frederick Sierles




Neil Bradbury, PhD    April 2013


James Carlson, PhD    April 2013

The Master Teacher Guild

Marc Abel, PhD; Lecia Apantaku, MD; Daniel Bareither, PhD; John Becker, PhD; Neil Bradbury, PhD; James Carlson, PhD;

Michael Fennewald, PhD; Roberta Henderson, PhD; Hector Rasgado-Flores, PhD; Catherine Gierman-Riblon, DSc, RN


The guild is accepting nominations for Adjunct Master Teacher Guild Member.

 Adjunct Member Description

Application for Adjunct Member

These applications are accepted at any time.


 If you would like more information about the Guild, please contact the Guild President Lecia Apantaku at


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