Upcoming Programs

2014-2015 Tentative Dates and Titles
All programs are scheduled for Noon-1:00pm

October 1, 2014
Conceptual assessment: What should your students know? And how do you know if they have learned it?
Joel Michael

November 12, 2014
A decade of Simulation-based education at RFUMS:  Where we have been and where we are going.
Jim Carlson

December 4, 2014
The New RFUMS QualityInitiative Project: Learning Outcomes for All Graduates
HLC Assessment Academy Team
Mary Ann Clemens, EdD, FACHE-CMS
Rebecca Durkin, MA  – Student Affairs and Inclusion
Glenda Gallisath, PhD – Academic Affairs
Catherine Gierman-Riblon, DSc, RN – CHP (PHS)
Robert Intine, PhD –  SCPM & SGPS
April Newton PT, DPT– CHP (Physical Therapy)
Kevin Rynn, PharmD, FCCP, DABAT – COP

February 2015
Critical Thinking
Michael Fennewald 

March 2015
Computer-Based Assessment
Daniel Bareither
James Carlson

April 2015
Symposium on Critical Thinking 

May 2015
Learning Disparities
Hector Rasgato

June 2015
Roberta Henderson